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FLUency™ School Health Program

Help parents identify illness before sending students to school. Empower parents to be the first line of defense in stopping the spread of illness in the classroom.

Bring free Kinsa thermometers and Lysol® disinfectants to your school, and get access to aggregate grade-level illness trends to help curb the spread of illness.

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Young children eating a school lunch together.

“... understanding if [a disease] is coming from one grade or one classroom—where we know the kids are clustering together—helps you stem a potential outbreak of flu or another virus”

Assistant Professor

Harvard Medical School

Ishani Ganguli

Arm families and staff with an essential health tool

Empower your students and staff to accurately identify illness at its first sign by providing every family with Kinsa’s award-winning smart thermometer. No cost to schools, staff, students, or families.

Prevent the spread of illness

If a fever or symptom is present, families are reminded to stay home and guided to appropriate care to get better faster and prevent the spread of germs.

Understand the health of your school community

Kinsa's private dashboard aggregates anonymous health trends at the grade level, all while protecting student privacy - no individual data is shared by Kinsa. If illness levels start to rise, you can immediately communicate with families to prompt preventative actions to stop the spread.

Kinsa FLUency in the News

See how our schools program benefits families and staff before, during and after COVID-19 in more than 4,000 schools across the country.

Kinsa FLUency in Action

Our program is built to help school and district leaders, teachers, and parents make better decisions based on anonymous, aggregate illness trends by grade level. Click through each option below to learn how.

School Leaders can easily understand illness levels across all grades in real-time.

Communicating with families on how to best keep their children healthy.
“Last year it was a common occurrence during flu season to have numerous (5-10) students come in from off the bus, or with their parents strictly requesting a temperature check because they didn't have a thermometer at home. That number has decreased to ZERO!”
Alisha P., School Nurse, North Carolina
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District Leaders can make data-driven decisions that keep students and staff safe in a smart way.

By knowing how many households are sick, you can focus on stopping the spread while minimizing disruptions to learning. 
“Kinsa has done a wonderful job in working with our school nurses to ensure that students stay healthy and in school. This partnership has allowed us to bring more awareness and education around student health and wellness.”
Jane B., Director of Health Services, California
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Teachers can understand illness levels in their grade.

Helping you make better decisions regarding classroom health to keep you and your students healthy.
“Fluency has been [most beneficial] to the teachers! It is great to see the trends going on in each classroom...to know when a classroom needs a scrub-down or when we should be pushing the Vitamin C!”
Meagan S., Teacher, Pennsylvania
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Parents can make more informed decisions about how to keep their kids and their families healthy.

And with immediate guidance on what to do next when their kiddo falls ill, parents can help them get better faster.
“I had one mother post that she had used the thermometer, and determined her child was still sick (using symptoms) so she kept him home from school the next day. Parents need helpful guidelines when they are unsure.”
Diane D., Nurse, Illinois
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Privacy is our priority

Monitor illness levels in your private school dashboard without sacrificing privacy. Temperature and symptom trends are anonymous and aggregated, ensuring individual data stays private while you get the information you need to take action.

Contribute to Kinsa’s early warning system 

Check out HealthWeather™ to see your local illness risk and understand how FLUency participants are contributing to our network of 2 million thermometers that aggregate real-time health insights across the U.S. Get your school on board to join the illness fighting movement!
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