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School Nurses Know Best: Learning From Each Other

Originally Aired: Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

School nurses have always been our unsung heroes. This year especially, you have gone above and beyond to keep our school communities healthy. We want to hear from you, firsthand, about the successes, challenges, joys, and pain. We want to learn from you - because nurses know best.

Join Kinsa in a conversation with four incredibly dedicated nurses from across the country about how they supported their communities during the 2020-2021 school year. We will cover:

  • What worked to keep students and staff safe, and what didn’t
  • The key resources that helped communities and how they were able to get them
  • The unique challenges schools faced, and how they overcame them
  • The invaluable perspective that school nurses bring to the table

We are grateful to have an incredible community of school nurses and leaders, and look forward to helping each other out so we can collectively face the challenges ahead.

Moderated by Kinsa’s very own Nurse Blake.

Margo Bushmiaer
Director of Health Services,
Little Rock School District, AR
Vicky Caporale
District Nurse, Thermalito Elementary School District, CA
Tina Allison-Bobino
School Nurse,
Nitsch Elementary School, TX
Kathy Wiborg
School Nurse,
Pines Elementary School, NC


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