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Know when illness is spreading and what to do about it.

Kinsa works to curb the spread of infectious illness through early detection and response. Our insights are used by households, schools, enterprises, and public health organizations to predict, prepare for, and respond to outbreaks.

See when and where cough, cold, flu and other symptomatic illnesses, will rise, up to 20 weeks in advance. Use our actionable, real-time illness insights to more accurately forecast sales demand, optimize media spend, and reduce supply chain disruptions.

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Kinsa's award-winning smart thermometers and mobile application act as a nurse in your pocket, answering the questions "what's going around?" and "how do I get better faster?" Use the app to track fever and symptoms, get guidance from board-certified clinicians, and understand illness trends in your community.

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Privacy Is Our Priority

Kinsa tracks and prevents the spread of illness without sacrificing individual privacy. All temperature and symptom trends are anonymously aggregated, ensuring individual data stays private.