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Kinsa thermometers and our top-rated app:

A support system to help keep your family healthy.

Our app pairs directly to your Kinsa smart thermometer via Bluetooth, so you can respond to illness immediately. Do you require rest and fluids, ibuprofen, or a trip to the emergency room? Kinsa can guide you with tips from our in-house clinician.

Know better. Feel better.

Turn to the Kinsa App when illness strikes.
  • Individual profiles: Monitor fever and symptoms of the entire family
  • personalized guidance: Receive age and illness-based recommendations in real-time to feel better faster
  • Record keeping: Keep a log of your family's health on a timeline and share with a doctor
  • Medication reminders: Track medication dosages and set reminders
  • Covid-19 support: Symptom and diagnosis support
  • Local risk: Know nearby illnesses on the rise so your can take the appropriate actions to stay well

Respond Right Away

Kinsa uses your age, fever, and symptoms to provide personalized guidance - from newborns to ages 65+. We'll help you from the first sign of sickness through recovery and beyond.

Soothe Symptoms

Understand how to soothe symptoms, when to take medication, or see a doctor. You can also track temperatures, symptoms, and medications for each family member.

Track & Share Health

Easily remember when symptoms began, how high the fever got, and when it’s time for more medication. Use the app to share your illness timeline with another caregiver or your doctor.

Join the mission by using a Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Designed with you in mind, Kinsa created the first-ever FDA cleared smartphone-connected thermometer in 2013. These award-winning thermometers are doctor recommended for all life stages, from baby to adult.

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Health guidance from Kinsa

You don’t need the app to access important health information. Learn what to do if you or a family member is sick with our symptom guidance, or stay up to date with illness trends and other health topics on our blog.