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What is Kinsa?

Kinsa’s mission is to help families and communities stop the spread of infectious illness. Our smart thermometers and mobile application are used by more than 2.5 million families across the country, have won more than 10 parenting and medical awards, and our school health program, FLUency®, is active in more than 5,000 schools across the U.S and Canada.

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Check the health of your child's school or classroom
See what’s going around your child’s school to help keep you informed and prepared if you or your child falls sick. Don't worry, it's all anonymous and your privacy is always protected!


Get alerts and messages from your child's school
Get updates on what symptoms or illness are going around your child's school and other health announcements.

Care Guidance

Get better faster with personalized care guidance
Receive age and symptom-based recommendations on how to get better faster. All guidance is grounded in American Academy of Pediatrics protocols with personalized follow-up from Kinsa's in-house team of clinicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kinsa’s FLUency® School Health Program?

FLUency has been helping schools stop the spread of illness for over 8 years! Participating schools and families receive free smart thermometers and health tools. You’ll know what symptoms and illnesses are going around school to help keep you informed and prepared if you or your child falls sick.

Is my information safe?

Yes! Privacy is our top priority. All data is anonymous, aggregated, and protected - we never share individual health data. We’re also compliant with all applicable privacy laws. For more detail, please check out our privacy statement here.