Make unpredictable demand predictable.

Brands, Retailers and Pharma use Kinsa Insights to make business decisions. Arm yourself with the tools to adjust forecasts, optimize digital marketing, and inform your retail partners.

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"Kinsa is the gold standard when it comes to real-time, granular and actionable illness data."

Vikram Sarma
Former Director, Global Insights
The Clorox Company

Kinsa Insights At Work

Our unique insights are built to help brands, retailers and pharma make better decisions based on illness trends. Toggle between each option below to learn more.

Optimize your Digital Marketing Plan

Direct messaging to shoppers based on current illness severity and prior to COVID-19 outbreaks.
Know when and where illness will rise to target and optimize your digital marketing.
Increase engagement, prevent overspending and save budget.

Equip Customer Teams With the Latest Illness Trends

Equip your Customer Teams with timely DC and Store-level illness trends and COVID-19 hotspots, turning them into trusted advisors to your retailer partners.
Help your retail partners avoid out-of-stocks and adjust marketing & merchandising programs accordingly.

Prevent Out of Stocks and Manage Supply

Forecast demand with robust insights and better understand the impact of COVID-19 related pantry loading.
Manage your end-to-end supply chain to avoid out-of-stocks or accumulating excessive weeks of supply.

Sponsor Kinsa School Health Program

Do well for your brand while doing good for your community.
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Drive brand loyalty while helping families reduce the spread of illness by sponsoring Kinsa’s school health program.
Use Kinsa's school health program to engage directly with your audience, build brand awareness, and grow customer loyalty -- all while providing tools and resources to help keep communities healthy.
Help us in our mission to stop the spread of contagious illness by sponsoring our school health program.

Kinsa keeps families and communities healthy through earlier detection and response to outbreaks.

The award-winning Kinsa Smart Thermometer and mobile application give users guidance on how to respond to symptoms, and our network of 2 million smart thermometers aggregate real-time population health insights across the U.S.