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Nothing is more exciting than becoming a mom or dad, but this new stage in life also comes with a lot of questions and learning about your baby. Find answers to common new parenting questions and be sure to turn to your Kinsa Smart Thermometer for personalized guidance during your newborn's first illness episode.

Which Thermometer is Best for Infants and Babies?

Checking your baby’s temperature should be an easy process. We did the homework to find a list of thermometers in the market for comparison.

How to Treat Baby's First Fever

As a new parent, you might be checking your baby's temperature quite often. If your newborn spikes a fever, here are some next steps to give them the best care.

How to Take a Baby's Rectal Temperature

Pediatricians recommend taking a baby's rectal temperature for accuracy. Use this step-by-step for taking rectal temperatures with a Kinsa smart thermometer.

Baby Medicine Cabinet Must Haves

Stock your baby's medicine cabinet to be prepared for anything when illness strikes. Make sure to include a cold medicine, fever reducer and gas relief option.

10 Tips for Keeping Baby Safe

Need to know how to keep a new baby safe at home? These 10 safety tips for babies will teach you how to baby proof your house, care for your infant and more.

7 Things You Need When Bringing Baby Home

Are you a new parent wondering what's needed when you bring your newborn home from the hospital? Here's a checklist of essentials for your baby's first day home.